Applications to Join Gordon & Jackson's List

Applications to join the List are made in writing to the List Chairman and Anna Svenson. The usual practice is that an applicant to the list will be interviewed by members of the List Committee and this will normally take place within one week of receipt of the application. It is the view of the List Committee that applicants should be interviewed promptly and advised of the success or otherwise of their application within one week of interview as required by the Victorian Bar guidelines. The List Committee recognizes the importance of proceeding in a timely fashion in such matters.


Reader Applications - September 2017

Please visit the Victorian Bar website for the guidelines that have been adopted by agreement between all the Lists at the Victorian Bar and the Victorian Bar.


Interview of Reader/Applicants

This involves the List Chair or Deputy, the clerks and List committee members with a gender mix.

The interview is an informal process with applicants encouraged to discuss their reasons for wishing to come to the Bar, their proposed areas of practice, level of support they expect to receive from their supporters and their expectations of the List and the Clerks.

Applicants are invited to visit the Clerks office at their convenience to discuss the role of the Clerks and the concept of a shared responsibility between Counsel and Clerk.


Applicants from other lists

The list also receives applications from counsel on other lists to join the list. In the case of these established counsel it may be that consultation between the List Chair and the Clerks will result in a decision to by-pass the interview process and simply offer a place on the list.

Should you have any questions about applying to join Gordon & Jackson's List please contact Anna Svenson.


Our List Committee 

The current List Committee is as follows:      

  • Sue Gatford - List Chair
  • Mark Hebblewhite
  • Jim Shaw 
  • Doug McLeod                                  
  • Suzanne Kirton
  • Paul Kounnas
  • Alison Umbers
  • Campbell Horsfall
  • Paul Glass
  • Dr. Steven Stern
  • Jason Korke
  • Lynton Hogan